Thomas Denney

Oxford term dates

When I come home for vacations from Oxford I suddenly find myself using real dates again, rather than thinking in terms of “Tuesday of 5th week” or “Sunday of 3rd week”. However, during term time there is the occasional need to map between ‘Oxford dates’ and real dates.

Wolfson College provide a calendar that you can subscribe to that provides each week of each term, which is invaluable when scheduling lectures and tutorials into my calendar. Sometimes, however, I just need to very quickly find out what date an ‘Oxford date’ falls on, or what ‘Oxford date’ a regular date falls on.

I have therefore created a very simple Python script that provides this functionality, allowing you to run ./ 2017-02-14 or ./ Tu5 to map between the two. Currently you have to set an environment variable for the start of term (which you can find here), but seen as this only changes three times a year I am currently not bothered about automating it.