Thomas Denney

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy historically applied to Keep Calm and my website; it now only applies to the latter. This policy is effective as of 2021-08-08.

No personal data is collected through any of my apps or my website, and I do not store or share any personal data. This website does not use cookies or any other mechanisms to track users.

When using my apps, permission may be requested for access to photos, camera, or music library data. These data, or data derived from them, only leaves the app when the user explicitly chooses to share them.

Similarly, data produced in any of my apps only leaves the app when you explicitly choose to share those data.

All shared data are only directly communicated with Appleā€™s API: the data are then only passed to a third party if you explicitly choose to.

My apps use iCloud to store configuration and settings data. My apps also communicate with the App Store to allow you to purchase additional features. My apps do not communicate with any other third parties.

By using my site or apps you consent to this privacy policy. If you have any questions about my apps or this policy you can contact Thomas Denney at